Tuition Assistance

We are happy to offer Tuition Assistance to families who need help in sending their children to FBCS.  Our main funding for this Tuition Assistance comes from our Warriors Golf Outing, our Eternal Vision Endowment fund, and private donations.  Therefore, the amount we can offer varies from year to year.  Amounts between 25% and 50% of the tuition are typical.

Need for Tuition Assistance is established by FAST, an independent bonded company which vets all applications. Applications should be made between May 1 and August 1.  Decisions are usually made right after the School Board meeting in August.  Assistance is then granted based on:

1) Recommendation made by FAST. 2) Number of Applicants. 3) Pro-rated based on funds available.

If you are applying for tuition assistance, please follow this simple process:

  • Please apply and pay registration fee (refundable). We need your record on file in order to process the recommendations FAST gives to us.
  • Click Here to read the Parent User Guide. Please read the Parent User Guide thoroughly before continuing.
  • Click on the icon below to log on to the FAST Website for more information and to apply!
  • After your application is processed by FAST, a report will be given to FBCS with their third-party recommendations.
  • The Administrator will contact you sometime in August with the amount available for your account.